Common Mistakes in Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce Implementation

Common Mistakes in Salesforce Implementation

Have you invested a large budget into Salesforce solutions but your returns on investment looks bleak. While the transformative nature of Salesforce is massive for your business, there are various scenarios where things can go awry. An ineffective Implementation approach is one of the key factors that can make simple things complicated for your organization. Introducing Salesforce into your organization for the first time is no easy task. Why are so many companies enthusiastic about getting started with Salesforce, but end up stuck midway through? We take a brief look at the plausible reasons and how to avoid it- 

1. Having undefined goals and expectations from your Salesforce

Having undefined goals is one of the biggest causes of Salesforce implementation failure. As a user you need to be absolutely clear on what you want to achieve by adopting Salesforce. The goals should be achievable, measurable and should reflect the needs of your organization, only then will the execution work. In fact, poor and inaccurate communication is the number one reason we believe Salesforce implementations fail. Yes! mindZvue can help you build a better vision for your business by understanding your business needs deeply because Without a well-defined vision, it’s impossible to create a roadmap. Buying Salesforce just because every other successful company uses it and deploys it to their sales teams isn’t going to get you much value. Before you start, ask yourself what you want to achieve., and without a roadmap, your Salesforce journey will almost certainly fail.  

2. Identifying Wrong Business Requirements –

Are you aware of the scope of your project? Are you continuously changing the scopes and adding new goals posts? If you plan your project incompletely and add new things to the implementation process halfway, you can surely look at a botched project with inflated costs. It is important that expectations are clear and managed at the early stages and agree on requirements throughout the project. You need to know the answer because not knowing your business requirements exactly is similar to not being clear about why and where you’re implementing Salesforce which will eventually jeopardize your ability to choose the right implementation partner. The clearer your “why?”, the easier it will be to get the most out of Salesforce.

3. Using Wrong Data and Data clean-up

Your Salesforce solutions are built on data. If you fill it with wrong or insufficient data, you can be sure to migrate all your past problems into the new system. The more precise and better data you provide, more chances of it being converted into meaningful information.

Just as using the right data is important, Another mistake in Salesforce implementations is forgetting about data cleansing. Often the focus is only on new features and adding on new data, leaving integration and data cleansing as low-priority activities. In practice, this can lead to delays in the implementation process.

Corrupted data can often lead to false insights and false predictions. This can lead to inefficiencies in the sales process and ultimately poor sales team performance.

However, by working with Salesforce experts, you can always cleanse and validate your data before it reaches your Salesforce implementation.

4. Salesforce is not one product

Salesforce is made up of a large plethora of solutions and it is not just one name/product. Conduct a thorough research into what each product offers and does it suit your business needs. If you choose the wrong product, you might end up pumping a large amount of finances into an empty well. Understanding your requirements and helping with goal posts can guide you towards adopting the right product for your needs. mindZvue knows how important it is to map your own business challenges and requirements after which it becomes an easy job to procure the best Salesforce solution tenable to your needs.

5. Lack of a Post Implementation Plan

This is a common Salesforce implementation mistake that slows down an implementation’s success. Organizations tend to assume that once this solution is implemented, it will be handled automatically. However, post-implementation maintenance and management are critical to the long-term stability and success of the platform. We know how important it is to monitor and manage the implementation whether –

1. New Processes are being identified or not

2. Users are supported with training and assistance

3. Technical resources are available

4. The new functionality is used the way it ought to be utilized

We understand that its a big step to allocate a budget for additional resources and bigger requirements and plan post-implementation activities but we’ll make it all worth for you because with us, Consistent maintenance and upkeep of the platform will multiply your profits and also ensure your ROI continues to improve.

6. Wrong Implementation Partner –

Organizations often find themselves unable to bring their Salesforce implementations to the functionality that they had envisioned or desired to in the first place. This also applies if your company is using an older version and wants to install an upgrade. When a company decides to buy something or add something to Salesforce CRM, it’s important to have an expert do the work to get the desired result. The bidding process to find the right partner and typically Salesforce consulting services is often time consuming and does not always lead to the right choice if details are not paid attention to or the sales pitch is not accepted. With mindZvue’s expertise and resources, we take the time needed to understand and learn the nuances of your business and its challenges and create a Salesforce roadmap based on your scenario. 

7. Conclusion 

Organizations should avoid the most common salesforce implementation mistakes to ensure optimal performance and usage of the Salesforce features. Many companies and organizations typically learn this fairly late while using the Salesforce platform. Hiring the perfect Salesforce partner with the right expertise can help you successfully optimize and improve your Salesforce solutions.  That’s where mindZvue comes in, Whether you are looking for a first-time Salesforce implementation or planning to advance the existing one.  With years of experience under our belt, we can look at solving your problem with two approaches –

1. Whether you are an existing user of Salesforce and have technical debt or unused functionalities in your SF solutions. We can help you avoid these complexities and increase the usability of your Implementation.

2. Whether you are embarking on Salesforce as a fresh user with no past experience. We will sit down with you to understand your needs and requirements and recommend the most logical solution catering to your business and then set out a road map towards implementation.

Our implementation strategies go beyond the platform to include people and processes by aligning your Salesforce sales, service, and marketing tools with best practices and industry experience. This creates meaningful interactions and better business outcomes.

Implement Salesforce with us. Explore the top articles and latest trends that are transforming the new-age business landscape with mindZvue. 

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