Dynamic Data Table


Dynamic Data Table

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Dynamic Data Table (DDT) is a lightning-data table component that displays tabular data based on defined Dynamic Table Object Configuration (DTOC) and Dynamic Table Attribute Configuration (DTAC).

This will help you to minimize the steps in checking records from each object again and again by putting all of them under the same roof, saving a lot of time and ensuring all the data can be seen at once as per requirement.  

As a user you can create a DDT for each object and can have a look at your records in tabular form on your home page.

What is the use of this functionality? 

It helps the clients to save most of their time as it minimizes steps for e.g-

It is a lengthy process indeed when a user needs to check a few records of accounts and a couple of records of Opportunity as they have to go to the respective object and check each record but with the help of Dynamic Data Table, they can just create a table, check every record of any object at their home page whether it’s custom or standard object just with few easy steps.  Just drag and drop they will get a tabular form of record of every Object.  In short, it’s a hassle-free process.