Experiencing a Diverse Work Culture


Experiencing a Diverse Work Culture

“Diversity is the engine of invention. It generates creativity that enriches the world.”

Indeed, said by Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, the quote reflects the essence of our workplace culture that goes deeper and stronger with diversity. Welcoming new employees and cherishing our existing employees as our core asset, we at mindZcloud & mindZvue strive to eliminate the unspoken stigma of workplace diversity.

We strongly feel that the workplace needs all sorts of people, all kinds of minds, and all sorts of characteristics. And we believe that all individuals are diverse in their unique ways. Whether we talk about characteristics, perspectives, talents, languages, or skills, each one is unique and diverse. We follow a de-bias approach for conscious screening and talent management process to get the right set of talents with this understanding. Once the hiring is done without any biases, we give our employees a comfortable place for uncomfortable conversations; we provide them with a runway to rise to their full potential; we give them an open space to carve their identities. And within such an inclusive environment, not to forget, we make all feel accepted and valued. 

Year on year, we practice the same initiatives of reaching prospective employers and hidden talents to create a diverse and inclusive work environment. There is no favouring any specific group of people, including their caste, age, religion, language, education, gender, or minority group. Instead, the focus is to reflect a workforce proportional to a fair and significant pool of talents. 

As we constantly strive to create a diverse and all-inclusive work environment, we have experienced increased employee engagement, better productivity, reduced employee turnover, and improved ROI. Moreover, higher innovation and increased creativity also started to linger on while enhancing every employee’s decision-making and problem-solving abilities. And to your surprise, when we went deeper to the core to analyze the driving parameters of these immersive benefits, increased employee happiness and high employee satisfaction came floating at the surface. And that’s where mindZcloud & mindZvue enjoys the competitive advantage of its workplace diversity.