How do we look after our Work Family?!


How do we look after our Work Family?!

As a Great Place To Work® Certified Company, we know that building up and maintaining such a great culture is not easy. But we have achieved it because of the belief our employees had in us, and one of the building blocks of their belief was how we always look after them as an organization!  

Here’s how: 

1. Bright Aesthetics: It seems trivial, but how an office is decorated impacts employee stress. We have Brightened up our spaces with natural light and colors.

2. Team building activities: Activities encouraging teamwork and social interaction can help employees build stronger relationships with their colleagues, reducing stress and improving morale.

3. Flexible work hours and remote work options: We prefer to give our employees more control over their work schedule to help reduce stress by allowing them to balance their work and personal responsibilities more effectively.

4. Encourage breaks and time off: We Encourage our employees to take breaks and time off to help them recharge and return to work more refreshed and less stressed.

5. Encourage open communication and support: We are proud to tell you that we have an Open Door Policy and that we have created an environment where employees feel comfortable discussing their stress and concerns can help them feel supported and more able to cope with stress.

6. The Friday Fun Club: Do you know something that employees are incredibly passionate about? A deep-seated sports rivalry or a fun activity game? We got our employees covered for all their fun needs. We have our weekly fun Friday activities conducted by the FUN COMMITTEE that employees can enjoy.

7. The Hackathon: Hackathons aren’t just for software developers or large companies. We took the opportunity and leveraged this team-building activity to spark creativity and promote cross-team collaboration. We got our teams a chance to collaborate and plug into the business in a real and tangible way.

8. Team Outings and Office Parties: Team Outings and Office parties are at the top of our stress-busting activities list; it lets employees share more about who they are and what interests them outside operating hours. Expect laughter or simply the chance to learn more about each other.

Overall, looking after employees is a continuous effort that requires a combination of different practices and initiatives to meet the diverse needs and expectations of the employees. 

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