Mastering Networking Magic at Dreamforce: 10 Tips for Success


Mastering Networking Magic at Dreamforce: 10 Tips for Success

Dreamforce’23, the WrestleMania of the Salesforce world, is just around the corner! While we’re all eagerly anticipating technological marvels and innovations, let’s not overlook the hidden gem of this mega-event: ‘networking.’ It’s the ultimate playground for building connections, sparking collaborations, and igniting new ideas.

As we gear up to join the vibrant gathering of Trailblazers in San Francisco (with an even wider audience tuning in on Salesforce+), the prospect of networking might trigger a few nerves. I get it, and I’ve got your back. Drawing inspiration from an insightful communication coach’s wisdom cultivated over decades of networking, I’m here to share tips that will ensure you navigate Dreamforce’s networking landscape with confidence.

Salesforce Networking: A Unique Experience

The Art of Conversation Cushions

Dreamforce can be an overwhelming sensory experience. A valuable tactic to break the ice is the clever use of ‘Conversation Clues.’ These subtle questions act as a cushion, easing both parties into the dialogue and naturally increase curiosity. Michael Thompson, in his conversation guide, provides some brilliant examples:

– “Hey, pardon the interruption, but I’ve been asking everyone this intriguing question lately…”

– “Greetings! My friends and I are in a friendly debate, and we need your expert opinion as the tie-breaker.”

As a self-professed introverted soul, I particularly appreciate these cushions. They do wonders for making that initial response a breeze – light years ahead of awkward small talk. With a cushion, you have an opportunity to express your thoughts, and the conversation flows organically from there.

Fueling Engaging Discussions

Let’s dive into some conversation cushions tailored for both general engagement and Salesforce-specific discussions. Feel free to remix these for dynamic conversations:

– “Recently, I’ve been exploring this thought-provoking question with various individuals…”

– “If work roles were limitless, what career would you embrace?

– “Imagine having eight extra hours daily. How’d you invest them?”

– “Share a lesson imparted by a Salesforce mentor that stuck with you.”

– “What’s your hunch about the upcoming keynote bombshell?”

– “Which Salesforce skills will be gold in the next few years?”

– “Predict the next game-changing Salesforce acquisition.”

– “What’s the big leap you’re planning for your Salesforce org?”

– “If you could wield a Salesforce superpower, what would it be?”

The Power of Tie-Breaker

Ah, the ‘tie-breaker’ question – a real gem. Whether you opt for option A or B, your voice gets heard and respected. Somewhere out there, a like-minded individual shares your stance:

– “Is ‘follow your passion’ really rational advice?”

– “Is the office environment truly superior to remote work?”

– “In Salesforce, is it better to be a versatile generalist or a focused specialist?”

Unveiling Dreamforce’s Networking Scene

Dreamforce is a logistical maze, and trying to be everywhere is a recipe for exhaustion. The event sprawls across San Francisco’s downtown, and professionals cover an astonishing range of specializations. The key? Strategize where you invest your time.

Similar themes tend to cluster in specific spots, making it easier to connect with fellow Trailblazers who share your passions. Embrace the uncertainty and exploration Dreamforce offers. Don’t be discouraged if your initial interactions seem disconnected – remember, you all share one significant bond: Salesforce!

So, take a deep breath, apply a Conversation Clue, and kick-start a dialogue fueled by curiosity and experience.

mindZvue: Your Salesforce Implementation Partner

Dreamforce is your gateway to exponential growth. Just as mindZvue aims to double your business’s potential, seize this opportunity to expand your knowledge, connections, and horizons.

So, let’s conquer Dreamforce armed with these networking gems. Embrace the unknown, spark meaningful conversations, and connect with the vibrant Salesforce community. Here’s to a Dreamforce experience that’s truly legendary!

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