Points to Consider in a Salesforce Implementation Partner- Part 1

Salesforce Implementation Partner

Points to Consider in a Salesforce Implementation Partner- Part 1


“CRM doesn’t have to be awful. Just plan how all the relevant parts will play together to achieve concrete business objectives before you start the implementation – and let your people know about it.”

Indeed, the quote Pedro Ahlers thoughtfully encapsulates the importance of different teams working collaboratively towards shared organizational goals. And here, a Salesforce Implementation Partner serves as one extended team of the organization that strives to add value and bring forth a meaningful transformation.

Considering the Salesforce Implementation Process, it requires 100% focus and commitment. Every stage needs your focus and attention, from design documentation, custom development, and data migration to quality assurance, deployment, and the final phase of running the implementation. So, when you hire a Salesforce Implementation Partner, you stay assured that the partner takes care of all the technical and administrative needs of Salesforce. At the same time, you remain engrossed in other key operations pulling you in from multiple directions. However, it is crucial to choose the right partner that can be the right fit to leverage the Salesforce platform for customized business needs while capitalizing on your business opportunities. 

Now, the concern is choosing the right partner. You can browse the web to read unique stories of different implementation partners. You can even check for testimonials and customer ratings to make a wise judgement. This can certainly help you shortlist a couple of implementation and consulting partners. However, going ahead in your search needs a thorough understanding of the partner in alignment with your business needs. To help you zero down your search for the best fit, we will discuss the 5 important factors to consider when choosing a Salesforce Implementation Partner. Let’s dive into the 2 important factors here:

Industry Expertise

When looking to have a Salesforce implementation partner, the industry expertise of implementation and consulting partner plays an influential role in bringing your business to new heights.

Salesforce is a vast ecosystem with a strong focus on building highly active and collaborative communities. It requires excellent skills and the correct sourcing points to keep everything in place amidst the vastness. Hence, the technical skills, communication skills, and in-depth business understanding become imperative to extract maximum Salesforce benefits and let your business soar to new heights.

Hence, if you are looking to have an out-of-the-box Salesforce implementation while helping you stay ahead in the curve, you have to screen the skills and expertise of the shortlisted partners thoroughly. 

Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce Certifications serve as a stamp of authenticity and reliability when considering the best salesforce implementation partner across the ecosystem. Professionals or employees opt for certifications divided into several sections, including salesforce consultants, developers, administrators, architects, app builders, and specialists. Further, there is a thorough screening process to validate certifications and verify employees. 

Hence, a partner having engaging and certified professionals can provide you with innovative and scalable solutions while showcasing a high degree of prowess. Depending on your customized needs, such a partner provides you with all the assistance and guidance to help you reach the ROI you aim it, maybe even higher than expected. So, know the differentiation, connect with your nature of business, know the level of certifications, and then make your choice.

The Bottom Line

Wondering, just 2 points? Stop wondering; keep reading! We will discuss the other three important factors in our next blog. Stay attuned!

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