Salesforce Dreamforce 2023: 11 Biggest Announcements


Salesforce Dreamforce 2023: 11 Biggest Announcements

The curtains have risen on Dreamforce 2023, and let me tell you, it’s nothing short of mind-blowing! This year’s Dreamforce has not only cemented its status as the largest AI event globally but has also set the stage for a tech revolution like no other. With a whopping 1,500 sessions, a jaw-dropping 40,000 attendees gracing the event in person, and millions more joining the digital extravaganza online, it’s crystal clear that Dreamforce 2023 is making colossal waves in the tech world.

But wait, there’s more! Team mindZvue, the true movers and shakers of the event, were right there in the thick of it all. They didn’t just attend; they ‘owned’ Dreamforce 2023. They networked, they connected, and most importantly, they soaked up the latest tricks and updates from fellow Salesforce enthusiasts. And guess what? They’ve brought back some juicy insights that are going to send ripples through the tech world.

1. Einstein 1 Platform

A significant highlight of Dreamforce 2023 is the introduction of Einstein 1, which marks the relaunch of Salesforce’s platform, now injected with AI capabilities to instill confidence in its users.

The star of the show is Einstein Copilot, a conversational AI assistant seamlessly integrated into the user interface. Copilot empowers both internal users and customers to engage in natural language conversations while offering recommendations in the form of multi-step action plans.

2. Copilot Studio: Empowering Salesforce Administrators and Professionals

Einstein Copilot Studio is a game-changer for Salesforce administrators and professionals, offering a dynamic combination of power and control. It empowers them to harness the potential of generative AI to enhance user productivity while maintaining a firm grip on the processes where generative AI is applied and the scope of its impact. Copilot Studio comprises three essential components: Prompt Builder, Skills Builder, and Model Builder.

Prompt Builder: This tool simplifies the process of creating prompt templates. Users can select how they want to anchor these prompts in Salesforce data and effortlessly activate them for users. In simpler terms, it’s all about building, testing, and deploying generative AI prompts with ease and efficiency.

Skills Builder: With Skills Builder, users can grant access to generative AI on the Salesforce platform by defining “skills.” For instance, it allows you to specify that for a particular process (let’s call it Process A), User X should possess a certain set of generative AI capabilities, while User Y may not require the same level of functionality. Essentially, it empowers administrators and similar professionals to embed specific “skills” into Salesforce Flows.

Model Builder: Model Builder offers flexibility in selecting the AI models that best fit your needs. Users can choose from Salesforce’s proprietary large language models, which have undergone years of rigorous training. Alternatively, they can opt for models from trusted partners like Anthropic, Cohere, Databricks, Google Cloud’s Vertex IX, or OpenAI.

3. Free Data Cloud and Tableau Licenses

Salesforce has exciting news for its customers, offering free Data Cloud and Tableau licenses to users of Sales and Service Cloud, Enterprise, or Unlimited editions. This move opens the door for many to explore these once-mysterious Salesforce products, including two free Tableau Creator licenses and Data Cloud licenses for up to 10,000 profiles.

4. Marketing Cloud & Commerce Cloud (“More Core”)

Salesforce’s journey into Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud, originally acquired tools, has gained momentum with the integration of 26 generative AI capabilities, with an additional 25+ expected by the end of 2024, all underpinned by Data Cloud.

5. Data Cloud-Triggered Flow

Automation within Salesforce Flow gets an upgrade with Data Cloud integration, enabling the launch of flows based on real-time data and insights from various systems. This dynamic approach improves user experiences and streamlines processes.

6. Slack Innovations

Salesforce has unveiled innovations within Slack, including AI-driven features like Channel Recaps, Thread Summaries, Search Answers, automation, and Slack lists.

7. Data Graphs (in Data Cloud)

To ensure that Einstein has access to the data required for user queries, Data Graphs in Data Cloud offer a visual representation of relationships between data model objects (DMOs). This feature aids in optimizing AI applications by arranging data relationships in a user-friendly manner.

8. Salesforce AI-Power to Create 18 million Jobs by 2028

An IDC report predicts substantial impacts on both revenue and employment due to Salesforce’s AI-powered cloud solutions. An estimated $2.02 trillion in net gain from 2022 to 2028 and potentially 18 million jobs globally, with a net gain of 11.6 million employees, paint a promising future.

9. Tenets of Trusted, Ethical & Humane AI

Salesforce’s commitment to trust is evident in their Tenets of Trusted, Ethical & Humane AI, a guiding principle behind their innovations. This dedication to ethical AI is crucial in maintaining trust with customers and ensuring responsible AI development.

10. Most Sustainable Dreamforce Ever

Sustainability is a core value at Salesforce, and they’re leading by example. Dreamforce 2023 is touted as the most sustainable ever, aligning with Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud initiative and their mission to promote environmental responsibility.

11. New Industry Cloud: Life Sciences Cloud

Salesforce Industries is expanding with the introduction of the Life Sciences Cloud, designed to accelerate organizations in this sector’s adoption of the Salesforce platform.

Dreamforce 2023 is off to an impressive start, with a strong focus on AI and Data Cloud innovations. Stay connected with mindZvue for the latest updates from the Salesforce world as they continue to shape the future of technology.

These updates are so hot that they’re about to set the tech news world on fire! Get ready for a wave of AI-powered innovation that’s going to shape our future. Dreamforce 2023 is not just an event; it’s a glimpse into the tech landscape of tomorrow, and we can’t wait to dive deeper into these groundbreaking updates with you. Stay tuned for more, because the future of AI is now, and it’s happening at Dreamforce!