Salesforce Dreamforce 2023: Read the updates from day three


Salesforce Dreamforce 2023: Read the updates from day three

Dreamforce 2023 Highlights:

– Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, emphasized the need for a new perspective on AI.

– Salesforce introduced Einstein Copilot to enhance CRM with AI capabilities.

– Einstein 1, a platform for making sense of data, was unveiled.

– Salesforce partnered with Google Workspace to boost productivity.

– An initiative to simplify ESG reporting was announced.

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Key Moments:

– Lidiane Jones, CEO of Salesforce, highlighted the transformative potential of AI in the workplace.

– Ariane Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global, discussed reducing stress and improving productivity with software, particularly in Slack.

– Slack introduced automation capabilities to enhance productivity, offering modular development and custom app creation.

– Slack highlighted its role in improving the customer experience for DIRECTV.

– Slack’s mobile-friendly approach was emphasized, with uniform interfaces across platforms.

Slack’s Role at Dreamforce 2023:

– Slack, now part of Salesforce, showcased various AI-powered features and tools.

– Reggie Marable, VP Sales at Slack, introduced Slack Sales Elevate, focusing on sales productivity.

– Slack highlighted its AI capabilities, including Channel Recaps, AI-powered partner apps, and no-code workflows.

– Slack emphasized security, compliance, and user control over data.

– Slack Canvas and Lists were introduced as important features for collaboration and data tracking.

Google Workspace and Salesforce Collaboration:

– Salesforce and Google Workspace announced a closer partnership to harness AI for enhanced productivity.

– Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, emphasized the goal of simplifying technology and enhancing AI understanding.

– Salesforce integrated AI capabilities into Google Docs, Slides, and Gmail, focusing on trust, accuracy, and control.

– The collaboration aimed to assist users in achieving their work efficiently.

CRM and Customer Engagement:

– Salesforce highlighted the importance of marrying technology with data to create trusted AI.

– Gucci, a Salesforce customer, discussed the use of AI for customization and personalization in customer experiences.

– Gucci improved shopping engagement and client services using Salesforce’s Einstein.

– Salesforce emphasized the flexibility, customization, and data security in its CRM solutions.

Data Cloud and Generative AI:

– Salesforce’s Data Cloud was integrated with the Einstein 1 platform.

– Data Cloud aimed to harmonize and consolidate business data for improved experiences.

– Generative AI was demonstrated in Einstein Copilot, creating personalized emails based on data.

– Salesforce emphasized the expansion of Data Cloud as a data lake and warehouse.

Einstein 1 Platform:

– Salesforce introduced Einstein 1 as the future of CRM and enterprise AI.

– The platform was presented as a powerful tool for understanding and utilizing data.

– Einstein 1’s capabilities were showcased, promising advancements in AI-driven CRM.

Opening Keynote: Clara Shih Emphasizes Trust in Salesforce

– Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI, highlighted the significance of trust in Salesforce and the challenges posed by AI in her opening speech.

Keynote Session with Thomas Kurian and AI Experts

– A keynote session featured Clara Shih and Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, discussing the AI and data revolution’s impact on customer experience and business evolution.

Rocking Dreamfest with Foo Fighters

– The Dreamfest conference party included a lively performance by the Foo Fighters at San Francisco’s Chase Center.

Q&A with Marc Benioff

– Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff answered audience questions, addressing topics such as Salesforce’s language model development, collaboration with Managed Service Providers (MSPs), AI in developing markets, and the future of AI in San Francisco.

– Benioff discussed his conversation with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, emphasizing that AI technologies are still in their early stages.

Why not catch up on our news coverage so far? 

Salesforce Dreamforce 2023: Read the updates from day two

Salesforce Dreamforce 2023: Read the updates from day one

Panel Session: The Future of AI at Salesforce

– A panel session titled “The Future of AI at Salesforce” featured experts like Clara Shih, Kathy Baxter, John Somorjai, and Eric Loeb.

– They discussed AI governance, responsible AI practices, the EU AI Act, Salesforce Ventures, and the global challenges of AI regulation.

Salesforce’s Commitment to AI Education and Trust

– Salesforce’s dedication to educating consumers and employees about AI and its focus on building trust in AI technologies were highlighted.

AI-Driven Productivity with Slack

– Lidiane Jones, Slack CEO, emphasized the transformative role of AI in productivity and discussed Slack’s integration with Salesforce.

– New features like Slack Lists and Slack Sales Elevate, using AI to enhance productivity and collaboration, were unveiled.

Addressing the AI Skills Gap

– The panel addressed the AI skills gap and highlighted Salesforce’s investment in AI education and training through platforms like Trailhead.

Salesforce CIO Juan Perez on AI Adoption

– Juan Perez, Salesforce CIO, emphasized the company’s role as “customer zero” in adopting AI technologies to improve software quality and efficiency.

Ethics in AI Development

– The importance of ethics in AI development and the need for AI to meet high standards and security requirements were emphasized.

Event Conclusion and Announcements

– Marc Benioff concluded the event by summarizing key announcements and expressing gratitude to attendees.

Dreamforce 2023 served as a platform for discussions on AI’s role in Salesforce’s future, focusing on trust, responsible AI, productivity enhancements, and collaboration with Slack. The event showcased AI integration into Salesforce’s offerings to enhance customer experiences and drive business evolution.