Salesforce Dreamforce 2023: Read the updates from day two


Salesforce Dreamforce 2023: Read the updates from day two

Live from San Francisco on the second day of Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce’s annual conference, we’re here to provide you with the latest updates and highlights from the event.

Here’s a recap:

– Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff made several significant announcements, including the introduction of Einstein Copilot to enhance Salesforce CRM with AI capabilities.

– Salesforce unveiled Einstein 1, a platform designed to make sense of complex data.

– Collaborations with Google Workspace were announced to boost productivity.

– Salesforce is focusing on making ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting more accessible.

Q&A with Marc Benioff:

– Marc Benioff expressed his commitment to staying with Salesforce and dismissed suggestions of leaving anytime soon.

– Salesforce is building its own Language Models (LLMs) from scratch, thanks to their talented research team.

– The company is collaborating with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to facilitate entrepreneurship and rewrite software in the industry.

AI in Developing Markets and Countries:

– Benioff emphasized the immense opportunity for AI to provide education globally, despite the challenges.

San Francisco’s Tech Environment:

– Benioff acknowledged that San Francisco is moving in the right direction in terms of technology, despite issues such as policing and homelessness.

– The city is considered “the biggest AI city in the world.”

Conversations with Sam Altman (OpenAI):

– Marc Benioff discussed the future of AI technologies, likening them to toddlers about to take a significant leap in development.

The Future of AI at Salesforce Panel:

– The panel discussed Salesforce’s commitment to ethical AI practices, trust, and user control over data.

– Investments in AI startups through Salesforce Ventures were highlighted.

Global AI Governance:

– The challenges of reconciling different nations and bodies with AI were addressed, emphasizing the need for standards and public-private collaboration.

Salesforce’s AI Development Fund:

– John Somorjai discussed the company’s AI development fund, which aims to foster an ecosystem of AI partners.

AI in the Workplace Panel:

– The panel explored how AI is transforming the workplace, emphasizing the importance of flexibility, agility, and continuous learning.

AI Trust Gap and Responsible AI:

– The panel discussed strategies to bridge the AI trust gap and prioritize responsible AI use.

AI’s Impact on Junior Roles:

– The panel addressed concerns about the impact of AI on junior-level roles, emphasizing the need for agility and skill development.

AI and Happiness:

– The panel considered how AI can enhance the quality of life for workers and everyone, focusing on productivity, well-being, and happiness.

Salesforce’s Sustainable Initiatives:

– Salesforce highlighted its sustainability efforts, such as eco-friendly practices and community support.

Customer Stories:

– Williams-Sonoma shared how Salesforce technologies, including Einstein Copilot, enhanced its customer engagement.

New AI Offerings:

– Salesforce introduced Einstein 1 Copilot, a tool to customize AI capabilities and enhance customer experiences.

– Salesforce Data Cloud was introduced to connect and harmonize data from various sources.

AI Trust and Security:

– Salesforce introduced Einstein Trust Layer to protect data from misuse and toxicity in the AI space.

– David Schmaier highlighted Salesforce’s commitment to data security and transparency.

AI Revolution and Trust:

– Marc Benioff emphasized the importance of transparency and trust in the AI revolution.

– Salesforce aims to build a trusted AI platform for customer companies, focusing on integration, intelligence, and automation.

AI Opportunity:

– Marc Benioff discussed the transformative potential of AI and introduced Einstein 1 as a platform for customer companies.

Dreamforce Sustainability:

– Dreamforce 2023 emphasized sustainability, with eco-friendly practices and community engagement.

Welcome to Dreamforce 2023:

– The blog welcomed readers to Dreamforce 2023, highlighting the expected focus on AI and innovation.

As the event unfolds, we’ll continue to provide updates and insights from Dreamforce 2023. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and discussions!