Salesforce Implementation and Training Services


Salesforce Implementation and Training Services

In the age of the internet, more often than not, most companies find it a struggle dabbling with a vast pool of customer-related data for their business growth. Like many, are you also hassled dealing with your enormous data to develop profitable relationships with your customers? 

Well if you do, experts would advise you a run at – a comprehensive and complete set of cloud-based CRM applications on a cloud platform, which is also being used by topnotch MNCs like US Bank, Amazon Web Services and Toyota. Its CRM is 100% customizable, and its features can be used in whatever fashion your business desires.

If you are keen to embrace Salesforce for its extensive business benefits and need help in its implementation, or learning more about it, you have reached the right place. MindZcloud provides exhaustive, top-class Salesforce consultancy, Salesforce training and Salesforce implementation services to build up a robust CRM-effective Salesforce platform. To know more about our Salesforce services let’s read further.

Salesforce Administration

Our team of Salesforce experts skillfully handle the entire array of administrative functions of the cloud-platform, for whose access you require merely internet and an internet-connected device. Your company can focus on its business while we take care of the following administrative tasks after Salesforce configuration and during its deployment:

  • Our services cater to and provide administrative assistance for both Saas and Paas; Saas (Software as service) for creating and Paas (Platform as service) that run CRM applications without software or hardware infrastructure. 
  • Comprehensive task executions on the 3 clouds of – Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud. We handle  Account maintenance, dashboards, reports, audits, workflows and other day-to-day routine tasks to enable overall gains for all impacted functional groups, including inside and outside sales, marketing, and customer support.
  • One of the critical Salesforce tasks is – Salesforce integrations, which our administrators perform with expert finesse.  
  • Coordination of the scope evaluation and completion of new development requests.
  • Executing tasks on suitable processes to support and enable administrative development, and change management activities. Implementation of automation, security and troubleshooting, user interfaces and customized apps are also carried out with meticulous attention.

Customization and Development

Customization is the spine of the implementation of Salesforce. It involves using logic codes for the meta-data of the organization and its end-to-end utilization for effective CRM practices. The following are the chief tasks undertaken for successful customization by our trained and dedicated developers:

  • Development of different ‘objects’ like custom objects that are essentially containers to store your company’s valuable information. Apart from fulfilling storage needs, objects also provide effective functionality. With the help of custom objects, your cloud-based CRM platform automatically creates functions layout for the User Interface (UI).
  • Our experts who work with different data types help you identify the kind of data that should be stored in your custom field.
  • Our team of developers tailor-make for your company cloud platforms for marketing, sales and services based on its unique needs. Important tasks like Objective management setting, Control, User access to Fields and Custom help content are effectively designed for maximum user benefits. 
  • Popular UI frameworks like Visualforce and Apex, among various other frameworks, are used by our developers for creating dynamic and reusable interfaces. Apex is used for enabling third party-access to’s backend databases along with client-server interfaces.

Lightning Migration 

Salesforce Lightning, with its component-based framework and graphical user interface (GUI), simplifies and provides optimized speed to its users. However, the task of migration from classic to Lightning Salesforce requires immense expertise and finesse. Our knowledgeable and skilled technical experts execute this transition in a smooth and effective manner by following the best practices, which include:

  • Help the clients, first and foremost, draw up goals for the shift. Thereafter, a focused goal-based strategy is devised while taking into consideration how the existing system would evolve with the upgrade.
  • The workflow is mapped out in advance and during this process, the roadblocks are also brought to light. These roadblocks are addressed and resolved through effective strategies devised by the developers.
  • To enhance Lightning’s business offerings and empower the employees, we delve into active consultation with all the teams prior to the installation.
  • At the development stage, our team of developers implement the Salesforce functionalities, integrations and user-friendly layouts in a way that benefits all the stakeholders.
  • At the final stage, by using the Sandbox test environment, all the bugs are identified and gotten rid of.

Community Cloud Implementation

A Salesforce Community Cloud is a space dedicated to fostering active and effective communication among all the stakeholders in businesses. It helps build and enhance brand loyalty with customers, facilitates collaboration with partners, and empowers employees with benefits of active communication.

Our developers tailor your cloud community in the following way:

  • Developing Salesforce Customer Community

This sub-platform enables communication between the firm and customers with regard to customer support, finding the right articles and providing AI-powered content recommendations.

  • Developing Salesforce Employee Community

These are for internal use; your company employees can share documents and files for more effective management and execution of projects together.

  • Developing Salesforce Partner Community

Partner communities that are information hubs can collaborate with your sales teams and resellers while accessing important company data. This, in turn, helps in making more closed deals.

AppExchange Implementation

AppExchange acts as a gateway, helping customers connect with a company’s business solutions. Your company executives can make maximum business benefits through enhanced communication levels and increased information flow. AppExchange provides Salesforce components and apps, which we utilise and customize in accordance with the unique needs of your company. 

Our developers sift through hundreds of free applications to provide your company with the right ones. While working on the Salesforce unmanaged packages and their source code, we modify the needs which are to be added and also build new applications. Our innovative AppExchange implementation takes care of every part from point solution to professional automation apps.

Salesforce (source code) Change Management

Our developers also focus on another important part of Salesforce deployment –  Source code management. This involves the key task of working with Salesforce “Metadata” which can be retrieved in its entirety or in part for source code versioning and collaboration. We work with the latest and most effective tools that include Github and SFDX.

  • Github – Git is a cloud-based repository service of Github. With this highly intuitive source code versioning tool, our developers execute tasks such as history tracking of data accumulated for several years, simplifying collaboration among various stakeholders, and enabling active collaboration among internal team members.
  • SFDX – Another effective command line tool is Salesforce DX (SFDX). It is used by our developers to manage a company’s Salesforce aaps on the cloud platform in a more efficient and useful manner.

Complete Organization Management

One of the best features of is that its periodic updates don’t have to be handled manually by the users. However, the salesforce automatic updates for improving logic, performance and usability of the platform need the appropriate responses so that your existing customization doesn’t get adversely impacted. For this purpose, we do the following:

  • Our administrators task themselves with managing automatic Salesforce updates within the opt-in period. Hence, you don’t need to worry on losing the latest updates and deriving the maximum benefits from them. 
  • In consonance with the existing customization, we manually delete or accept updates after their critical evaluation through Salesforce Sandbox test
  • Additionally, if through an automatic update a certain Salesforce functionality gets disturbed, we immediately correct it. 

At no stage, you would find automatic Salesforce updates disturbing the smooth functioning of your Salesforce account. The management of the updates is handled in a manner to give your business optimal business advantages.

 Advanced Salesforce Training for end users and Developers

We provide Salesforce training to companies, corporate executives as well as Salesforce training to students. Our exhaustive syllabus while dealing with the important concepts delves into the latest concepts in the field to provide an edge to our learners. Our advanced Salesforce Training Programme includes training on the following:

  • Salesforce AdministrationSalesforce Administration covers topics that deal with the basics of CRM and Salesforce Ecosystem.
  • Apex DevelopmentApex Development covers topics related to the development capabilities of the Salesforce Platform including Apex.
  • Develop for Lightning – Develop for Lightning covers topics related to Salesforce Lightning Platform including Salesforce App Builder and Lightning component framework.
  • Salesforce IntegrationSalesforce Integration covers the various integrations available on Salesforce Platform.

Our training programmes contribute towards attaining business growth, career advancement, and in acquiring Salesforce Administration Certification.

Salesforce, as we have understood from our above discussion offers some impressive CRM services, spurring phenomenal business growth. Its certification help professionals and students to find high paying jobs in the IT industry. Big tech companies and the upcoming companies are always on the lookout for talented, skilled professionals to execute their projects. Needless to say getting trained in Salesforce and implementing Salesforce in business is the way forward for you. MindZcloud offers you the best Salesforce Training, Salesforce Consultancy and Salesforce Implementation