Why Choose mindZcloud Technological solutions


Why Choose mindZcloud Technological solutions

This is a virtual training and certification provider that has the most efficient study system. It was started in the year 2016 in India and has got more than thirty trained developers and engineers who have got analytical skills in several fields relating to ‘the cloud system.’ It, however, has Salesforce as its main focus. MindZcloud focuses on rediscovering Customer Relationship Management for Small and Medium enterprises.

Our company offers its customers a number of services which include:

  1. On-demand services
  2. Salesforce Training
  3. Cloud Computing and Consulting Services
  4. Product Development
  5. Salesforce Assistance
  6. Salesforce Mobile

On-Demand Services

On-demand services is an activity created by technological companies to satisfy the needs and demands of the users within the shortest time possible. There has been a rampant growth of the on-demand businesses in the economy.  This entails businesses such as food and product delivery businesses, Spa businesses, Hotels, Grocery, and Mobile App businesses, among others. The combination of these services and apps has changed the lives of people for the better.

People are no longer obliged to travel to shops and hotels to buy food. Their refreshing meals and items are just a button away. The entrepreneurs of these businesses have required lower start-up costs and can be run by the entrepreneur himself or with 2 to 3 employees for a start. It also requires less startup time On-demand businesses have changed the lives of many people in the world. They are an ideal solution for people seeking solutions that are appropriate, fast, and simple.

Entrepreneurs looking forward to starting On-demand business, MindZcloud company has got you covered. MindZcloud is an online company that provides entrepreneurs with all the relevant consultation. In cases where customers come to the company with requirements, MindZcloud customizes your solution as per your specifications. Customer satisfaction is assured.

Salesforce Training

Salesforce is a software company that focuses on customer relationship management by allowing the business to use cloud computing technology to connect better with the customers, partners, and possible customers.  Salesforce is a software that has helped businesses track their customer activities better and market the business to the customer hence bringing customer success.

MindZcloud as a company, offers comprehensive training to customers, both organizations, and individuals.  This training ranges from training components to sheltered workshops with one-on-one interaction. MindZcloud Company is equipped with qualified professional trainers who ensure that the customers seeking this service are imparted with all in-depth knowledge. At the end of the training, your trainees will have increased their analytical skills and are well-versed with all the adequate information related to Salesforce and be awarded a certificate.

With this training, one becomes an expert in salesforce Optimization and implementation. This also increases the salary of an employee who undergoes this training.

Cloud Computing and Consulting Services

Cloud computing and consulting services are a platform that provides computing services to customers over the internet. All the computer equipment and software are all found in ‘the cloud.’ The importance of this service keeps on growing on a daily basis, with its benefits increasing every day. Many organizations have adopted the use of cloud computing services due to reasons such as reduced costs, improved security, reduced paperwork, and increased speed resulting in improved global reach and increased innovation. It has given business opportunities that could not have been possible years back.

MindZcloud is a Tech Company that provides its customers with an end-to-end cloud computing service. It also provides customers with a consultation that helps in growing the business of the customer. The Company is equipped with experts who are acquainted with the various cloud computing solutions. MindZcloud offers cohesive solutions to customers requiring technical cloud work. We also offer consultation on which Cloud Computing Solution matches the needs of the customer’s organization and also assist you in choosing the right model and the means to influence the full performance of the Cloud.

Product Development

Product development can be defined as the manufacture of merchandise that has new or different features that are aimed at satisfying the customer. It can also include the variation of a product that has been there or the creation of entirely new merchandise with the aim of filling a specific market niche and satisfying the customer’s needs. It entails all the stages that are involved in the transformation of a product from an idea to its release to the market.

MindZcloud, as a Tech company, is staffed with a team of experts who are product developers and assist companies and individuals looking to creating new wireless and cloud products. The team provides the customer with the service from product designing to its implementation. This entails MindZcloud Company listening to what the customers require and creating software or an App that satisfies the needs of the targeted Clientele. The customers could approach MindZcloud with the need they need to satisfy, and MindZcloud assists in conceptualizing and creating software to meet that need or the customers could come with the idea of an item they need to be developed, and MindZcloud creates the product.

Salesforce Assistance

Just like most organizations have got a customer care service desk, so do Tech Companies. In cases where Virtual companies have issues with their ‘Cloud Offices and services,’ there is always another Company that approached to solve or to advise on how to solve those issues. The salesforce Assistance is a feature that is used to discover new possibilities with the management of salesforce management. It advances tasks by providing you with the most fundamental actions right on your screen. It is a feature that has its tasks arranged in the order of their importance. It ensures that no activity will be left unattended

MindZcloud, as a company, also offers salesforce assistance. In cases where any of our clients have got any issue, doubts and questions that they need solutions to, our company has got you covered. We are staffed with certified and knowledgeable staff that has got all the required analytical skills. MindZcloud solution has got you covered in every step of the way to guarantee success in all our Customers’ activities and businesses.

Salesforce Mobile

The salesforce1 Mobile is an App that is developed and operated on the Salesforce platform. It merges Salesforce mobile services into one App for salesforce Users. It is an ampule that gives the users a secure mobile user experience as well as giving them an easy time working using their phones. This feature has got several features that are user- friendly. It develops powerful, faster Apps that can work on multiple stages.

It also has got custom actions that are productive and saves users a lot of time through the reduction of great workflows. The user of the Salesforce1 Mobile is also able to customize different experiences for the different roles.

MindZcloud, as a company too, has realized this opportunity and grabbed it with its two hands. The Company has trained professionals who can help their customers in the development of mobile applications that companies and individuals can use to assimilate into their salesforce. Here, we allow our customers to choose the language and network to be used in the application.

How MindZcloud Delivers its Services
Our company provides its customers with end-to-end consultation services as well as expert advice that assists the customers in growing their business hence its success. It also provides people with Online Training and On-Demand Software Development services.

Why Choose MindZcloud Company?

Our company is staffed with more than ten trainers who are certified and have years of experience.  Our customers seeking training are assured of receiving the best quality of education and training.

We develop tailored platforms for training based on the needs of our customers.  Our customers are assured of receiving training that best fits their needs and the needs of their organization. We also offer flexible training classes where one can choose to interact with our trainers either through Online classes, Instructor-led virtual class lessons or even through the use of Videos.

We are also very comfortable with working with our customers based on their Time Zone availability.


Based on the above information, only don’t we assist you in the implementation of Salesforce.com, but we also follow-up to ensure that it has been done in the right manner. Our team is ready to assist your company in finding the right product for your company, based on the needs and goals of the Customers. MindZcloud Solution assures its customers of nothing but satisfaction.

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