Perks & Benefits

Health Cover

Being hospitalised causes tremendous distress to one, emotionally as well as financially. Having to cover the medical costs along with managing the household can take a toll on us if unprepared for such circumstances. Having a backup to fall back on in such circumstances is a boon to all, taking a great burden off our shoulders. Employee health is important to us. mindZvue takes care of employee health & assists them to meet unforeseen personal expenditure that may arise due to medical emergencies.

Our Medical Insurance plan offers health insurance coverage that provides cashless hospitalisation to members, making it less stressful. With state-of-the-art equipment & well-trained doctors, the network hospitals affiliated with our insurance service provider allows for the best treatment for illness or diseases.

Our Medical Insurance plan benefits:
  • In-patient Hospitalization
  • Pre & post hospitalization expenses
  • Day care procedures
  • Hospitalization charges
  • Ambulance charges
  • Health check-up
  • AYUSH Treatment
  • Vaccination in case of animal bite

Work From Home

Think about this

You are spending 1-2 hours per day commuting, 9-10 hours working, 6-7 hours sleeping, 2-3 hours for household chores/kids/making sure your kitchen is well stocked/running to the doctor/carpenter/plumber...whew !!!!!! Add to it a few more unplanned tasks & your world will come crashing down.

Now calculate the number of hours you have at your disposal.

Now Consider This

What if:

  • you get 1 day in a week to stay at home & work
  • you get to sleep an extra half an hour because you are saving on commute time
  • your office does not make you feel guilty for not having spent some quality time with your family
  • you don’t have to go running after your boss for getting a leave or leaving an hour early from work
  • you get the autonomy to plan your day
  • you are doing good to the environment you live in (remember your car/bike contributes to Global Warming)
  • & the benefits go on……

We allow 1 day work from home in a week (except on Mondays & Fridays) so that you are able to make some time for things that make you happy.


Phone & Internet connection

We understand that they are the new essentials of the 21st century. All mindZvue employees are eligible for monthly reimbursement for their phone or internet bills.

How can we forget your health & wellness?

All mindZvue employees also get a monthly wellness reimbursement for gym/health club memberships. If you are not a gym freak, go to your nearby grocery store & get yourself some power packed nuts/health supplements.

Bonus Program

We believe everyone loves being appreciated. Our Bonus program does just that. It appreciates & values the hard work our people put in day in, day out. Our bonus program doesn’t end at just the Year End Bonus. We offer an assortment of bonuses to keep the spirits really high!

Year End Bonus

A reminder & acknowledgment for our folks that their hard work & commitment have made a real difference at work.

Spot Bonus

It’s a spontaneous recognition to an employee for delivering performance that is “above & beyond”. An employee who has achieved a major goal or demonstrated exceptional performance will qualify for a spot bonus.

Referral Bonus

Bring a friend & be ready for an attractive bonus. Of course there will be simple rules to be followed. Isn’t it easy?

Open Door Policy

At mindZvue there is no blocker between you & your supervisor or the upper management. Associates are encouraged to discuss their concerns, ideas or suggestions with their supervisor. We emphasize on establishing a culture of trust & communication in the team. Feel free to approach or meet with the senior leadership of the organization. The purpose of our Open Door Policy is to encourage transparency, open communication & discussion about any matter of importance to you.

You are always welcome to provide feedback or share ideas that can help us become better. If you have anything on your mind, ranging from issues, concerns or comments feel free to approach the company management

Paid Time Off (PTO)

More time off during the calendar year is currently one of the best ways to unplug & rejuvenate, relax, focus on personal commitments. Time off from work can provide an opportunity to find free time for yourselves & your hobbies, go for a vacation with family & friends, learn a new skill or simply indulge in home improvements.

Now you don't have to worry about getting that essential dose of time off & that too fully paid. All full-time employees at mindZvue get a bouquet of paid leaves anually helping to find the desired work-life balance. Of course we always recommend leave planning as much as possible since it would enable smooth business continuity.

Learning Never Stops

Professional Development Reimbursement Program

mindZvue encourages its employees to pursue certifications that would help them better their professional skills. We offer reimbursement benefits to encourage professional development by providing financial assistance.

This benefit encourages professionalism & assists employees in increasing effectiveness in their current position, preparing employees for possible career advancements & increasing an employee’s adaptability to new ideas & change.

Free Dinner

Don’t know what to cook for your office dinner?

For all those working in night shifts in our Nagpur office - your dinner is on us. We do provide freshly prepared & healthy dinner as we believe that a healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body.