Green Policy

Go Green With MZ!


To build a relationship between humans and the natural environment in the most beneficial manner to both humans and the environment. The initiative is to create awareness to reduce our impact on the environment.


To all employees/consultants associated with MZ family.

To comply with all applicable environmental legislation and sustainability commitments, the policy is divided under 3 categories:
  • Toxic Substances & Hazardous waste Management
  • Clean Water
  • Clear Air


Toxic Substances & Hazardous waste Management:

  • Reduce consumption of resources through waste management strategies (including e-waste) that promotes re-use & re-cycling.

  • Collaborate with an NGO to create awareness about waste segregation and collection

  • Encourage employees to visit slum areas to educate people on how to keep environment clean

Clean Water:

  • Measuring and analyzing the carbon footprints of our business activities in conjunction with our employees to reduce the carbon footprints.

  • Engage with a government body to get a lake cleanup done once a year

Clear Air:

  • Minimal to zero usage of papers

  • Adopt a garden and ensure new trees are planted and maintained in an appropriate manner

  • Promoting & continuing to invest in technologies that provides alternatives to commute for business purposes.